The good allure of body weight workouts is that you’ll be able to do them anyplace, so your health regimen want by no means be interrupted by way of go back and forth or the ones days the place you don’t have the time or unravel to make it to the health club. The most important drawback of body weight coaching is, on the other hand, that you’re restricted within the quantity of resistance you’ll be able to use.

That’s the place resistance bands can assist. They’re simply crammed right into a bag or perhaps a jacket pocket, so portability isn’t any fear, and you’ll be able to use them to noticeably building up the resistance to your body weight workout routines to assist problem your muscle tissues.

Underneath you’ll discover a vary of novice, intermediate and complex resistance band workouts, decided on and defined by way of Matt Gleed, private instructor and ambassador for resistance band emblem Let’s Bands. The workouts use 3 several types of resistance band: mini (a small looped band), max (a bigger looped band, which is in most cases additionally thinner than a mini band) and flex (a strap band with two ends). You’ll additionally simply get a flex band and knot it as suitable for every workout, however it’s going to be more uncomplicated to have the other bands handy.

Novice Resistance Band Workouts

Chest press

Objectives Shoulders and chest

Connect a max band to a strong object at the back of you. Step within the band and cling it along with your arms somewhat wider than shoulder-width aside. Stay your shoulder blades down and again, and have interaction your core and glutes. Your hips and knees must be somewhat bent for steadiness.

Push the band out in entrance of you. Absolutely lengthen your fingers and squeeze your chest muscle tissues. Slowly go back to the beginning. Stay your chest up whilst appearing the clicking and don’t let your higher again droop.


Objectives Glutes and legs

Stand on a max band along with your toes shoulder-width aside. Clutch the opposite finish of the band and cling it by way of your shoulders, with each arms going through up and elbows stating. Bend your knees to decrease your self till your thighs are parallel with the bottom. Your toes must level forwards, your knees must be in step with your toes and at the back of your ft, and your again must be directly.

Stay pushing your knees out so far as conceivable – don’t let the band pull them inwards. If you can’t stay your knees out sufficient, simplest decrease your self midway down into the squat.


Objectives Core

Lie in your again with a mini band round your toes and your knees bent. Put your arms subsequent for your head along with your elbows stating to the perimeters. Press your decrease again into the ground and raise your higher frame, concurrently pulling one leg in opposition to your chest. Stay your elbows going through outwards and ensure your neck is in step with your backbone. Don’t curl your chin in opposition to your chest. Exchange legs with every rep.

Intermediate Resistance Band Workouts


Objectives Chest, shoulders and fingers

Position a max band round your higher again and cling the results in your arms. Think a press-up place, along with your arms a bit wider than shoulder-width aside. Decrease your frame till you might be touching the ground with the end of your nostril, then push your self again up. Stay your core and glutes activated during, and pull your shoulders down and away out of your ears. For much less resistance, step in the course of the band first in order that just one, slightly than each, lengths of the band cross round your again.

Lateral stroll

Objectives Glutes and legs

Wrap a flex band two times round your legs – as soon as round your decrease thigh simply above your knee and as soon as once more across the mid thigh. Then move the band over and cling every finish out of doors your hips. Take ten to 12 steps to 1 aspect, then opposite the path of the stairs to the beginning. Don’t let your knees rotate inwards. Stay your ft going through forwards and your again directly during.

Kneeling horizontal chop

Objectives Core

Connect one finish of a max band to a desk bound object above your head. Stand side-on to the band and put the knee closest to the band at the floor. Cling the band in each arms and produce it for your reverse hip in a cutting movement, turning your trunk clear of the attachment. Stay your fingers directly during.

Complex Resistance Band Workouts

Shoulder stabiliser

Objectives Shoulders, again and glutes

Connect a flex band to a hard and fast level in entrance of you. Stand tall along with your fingers prolonged in a Y place, preserving the ends of the band in every hand. Pull your shoulder blades down and again and have interaction your core and glutes. Decrease right into a squat, keeping up the shoulder and arm place. Steer clear of lifting your shoulders, bending your elbows, and arching or rounding your again. Additionally be careful in your knees caving in or your ft turning outwards.

Squat with wide soar

Objectives Decrease frame

Connect a max band to a strong object at the back of you. Position the band round your hips and get right into a squat place. Bounce forwards explosively, riding your hips forwards, then land softly.

Aspect plank opposite flye

Objectives Abs and higher again

Connect a flex band to a strong object. Clutch the opposite finish of the band and get into an aspect plank place with the band taut. Stay your hips prime off the bottom, your backbone impartial and your core braced. Handle the aspect plank place whilst pulling the band in opposition to you till your hand is above you and bureaucracy a directly line to the elbow supporting you. Don’t let the burden rotate your pelvis and torso forwards.

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